Just born 10/3/2019

We are now 5 weeks old, eating on our own, playing for about an hour, and sleeping still most of the time. Can you see me peeking at you?

​playing with Mom, she is so sweet with them.

These sweet babies were born Oct. 3, 2019 

​They are 1 week old today!

comes jumping into the pen to do his business all ready.

They simply love to play with each other. Like two tiny football players. 

They are just too cute at 2 Weeks old ^

They are now 6 weeks old. Ready to find their forever homes. 

Just too adorable at 3 weeks, Playing with toys and seeing one another. ^^

Sweet Pea has Bless us with two babies.

Can you believe they barked at me this morning. Too cute!

Happy Halloween, the boys are now 4 weeks old.