Total shock to us, we thought it was Sinnamon but no. One day old

Sinnamon's baby Girl at 2 weeks.T

They just love to play with one another.

see the white spot on the tip of the tail? That's Sinnamon's lil girl

Do I look comfy?

Sinnamon's baby on the right, now 5 weeks old

each one likes to sleep with it's own pal, the rabbit, the bear or the bunny. After the game of play.

The boys are now 4 weeks and starting to play, bark an growl at one another. Too cute

Sweet Pea's babies now 5 weeks

First taste of puppy food for Sinnamon's girl @ 4 weeks

@ 7 weeks

Sinnamon's baby girl at 3 weeks.

Babies are now 2 weeks old

Sinnamon's baby girl born 4-11-19 one week old

At 5 weeks, they know my voice, starting to eat on their own and trying to get out of the box. Time for the Puppy Pen lol

8 Weeks, ready to go home

Put every body together to eat and play at 4 weeks

This baby loves Uncle Spot,

Babies are now 3 weeks old. too messy and too cute!

We are now 1 week old. 2 boys and 2 girls.

first taste of real food @ 4 weeks

There getting too big for this.

 Sweet Pea's 4 babies and they are all Black,

​born April 8,2019 at 8:30 pm, Sinnamon had one baby girl 4-11-19

I think I need a nap!

Can they get any cuter?

That's Mr. Precious to you,