Only one this litter and it is a baby boy. Just too cute.

Wow, time is flying by. Marshall is now 6 weeks old. Started on his first bit of  puppy food today, playing with Mom and loves his toys. What a smart, sweet little boy he is.

Happy Halloween, the boys are now 4 weeks old. 

​At 5 weeks he is ready for the pen. Has learned how to howl. Loves to play with toys and is so wanting to run lose. Only 3 more weeks to go Alex.  

We are now 5 weeks old, eating on our own, playing for about an hour, and sleeping still most of the time. Can you see me peeking at you?

​playing with Mom, she is so sweet with them.

he has just a little white on the tips of his toes. 

Just born 10/3/2019

Only one more week and Marshall goes home with Alex.Smartest little puppy ever.

Smartest puppy ever, learning how to play with Mom. and at 4 weeks has learned to go potty on the puppy pads. Just sooooo smart he is.  Marshall is the perfect name for him. Thank You Alex  

​They are 1 week old today!

Can you believe they barked at me this morning. Too cute!

06/20/2021 Father's Day 6:03 pm

Just too adorable at 3 weeks, Playing with toys and seeing one another. ^^

He has learned how to climb in and out of his pen. Loves to play chase, cuddle with you and loves his puppy food. When hungry he will howl or bark. He is learning how to talk. ha ha Such a sweetie he truly is.  

They are just too cute at 2 Weeks old ^