Oh I do hate that camera

It's my toy, not it's mine. Just another tug of war game..

Got moved to the bigger pen to play

And now 9 weeks old

Sinnamon's baby Girl at 2 weeks.T

They are just too cute at 2 Weeks old

These sweet babies were born Oct. 3, 2019 

​They are 1 week old today!

How cute is this face peaking at you?

Too cute, they've  taken over the livingroom!

Playing with Auntie

And this little girl, is the watcher or peeker 

Dinner time

Please, I need a nap!

and boy are we hungry

We are now 1 week old. 2 boys and 2 girls.

Baby boy loves water

I must admit they all have the blue eyes

Now 10 weeks old

Sweet Pea has Bless us with two babies.